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Who we are ?

Think&Go revolutionizes Consumer Journeys using Screens and contactless objects (cards, phones, passports, …) leveraging NFC or BLE technologies. Think&Go has invented Connected Screens (2 patents, and multiple awards), allowing consumers to engage with the screen by interacting and exchanging information between pictures and cards, phones, or watches, in less than a second. Usages are Marketing, Service distribution, or direct Payment on screen, paving the way to Street E-Commerce.

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Latest news

IGT and Think&Go to Showcase World’s First Lottery Application on Cashless Payment Screen at NASPL and WLS

Oct. 4, 2016 – Utilizing Ingenico Group’s Think&Go patented technology, IGT will demonstrate how contactless technology can make payments seamless for lottery players. Using innovative self-service kiosk technology, IGT will demonstrate how players could collect and pay for lottery tickets by simply waving a NFC-enabled payment card or device at the IGT Connected Screen. The integration of Ingenico’s secure payment technology into connected screens enables merchants to interact with their consumers in creative ways, while enabling frictionless purchases virtually anywhere via contactless payment card or NFC-enabled mobile wallets. Full Press Release Here

BNP Paribas : First deployment of Payment Screen

Since Nov 19, 2015, in addition to a Drive-to-Store Connected Screen, BNP Paribas unveiled the first worldwide public Multi-Payment Connected Screen, proposing to consumers to donate for charity to 8 organisations: Action contre la Faim, Sidaction, Handicap International, Fondation de France, La Croix Rouge, Institut Pasteur, Ligue Contre le Cancer, ADIE. By waving their Payment cards or NFC payment phone on the picture of the organisations of their choice, the consumer can donate 5€, in less than 1 sec. This project in partership with Ingenico, is the endpoint of hard work and research between two compagnies. But now, the beginning of new perspectives in the future.     And more about this interesting partnership HERE.                  

Think&Go won the E-Commerce Award this 21 september 2015 !

Think&Go, winner of the e-commerce awards ! After being nominated as a finalist for the E-commerce awards last April, Think&Go has been Awarded the 1st prize in the category “ Digitalization of the point of sales “ thanks to its interactive Connected screens. We would like to thank all of the ECP15 team for the recognition and encouragement  which motivates us to progress and  believe in our innovation.