The first connected screens installed at the Hard Rock Cafe, Marseille , France

The Hard Rock Café always looking at new innovation, sees these new generation screens as a revolution in the way consumers will interact in a more personal, engaging and simpler way.

See the video !  Picture1

Each point of the screen is able to communicate with all kinds of connected objects (contactless cards for Transport, Payment, Loyalty and of course Smart phones and Watches) by exchanging information in less than one second, the screens images ‘talk’ with the objects.


The Connected Screens from Think&Go have the advantage of knowing who did what on the screen. They are able to measure the efficiency and performance in real-time: rate of attraction (number of real consumer engagements), Rate of conversion (conversion to sales), Consumer value….


A new and unique ground breaking experience for the Hard Rock Cafe:


Taking advantage of the technology, the Hard Rock Cafe has put in place 2 main uses for the consumer in front of the screen


  • Win coupons for the Hard Rock cafe shop or nearby shops
  • Win gifts with a game ” Instant Winner”


With a simple gest using cards or smart phones, the consumer is able to retrieve coupons on the screen or play the game and then pick up their product or gift at the checkout. Using the Think&Go Back Office the Hard Rock Cafe was able to change products and promotions at any moment, measure the returns and re-program the offers at specific hours in order not to reduce margin during peak hours.


The new ways to enrich consumer experience: Drive-to-Products, Yield Couponing….


  • Drive-to-Product: Distribution of reduction coupons directly personalized in the store to highlight product value.


  • Yield Couponing: change in real time the type of offers to ensure an average rate of conversion and margin protection – increase or decrease the value of offers as a function of demand – whilst maintaining maximum re-compensation to the consumer.

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