Think&Go Nfc here at CES 2016 ! Presenting the worlds first connected screen with integrated Nfc payment capability.


CES Booth




Think&Go have revolutionized digital signage by making screens interact with the connected objects that consumers already have in the pockets and so creating new customer journeys for all shoppers. Each point on the screen can interact with contactless cards, smartphones or smartwatches to create a personalized experience for consumers in less than a second.

We will be launching in the US for the first time at CES 2016 our latest development a connected screen integrating EMVco compatible payments. Users will be able to experience paying for products by just placing their EMV contactless bank cards or Apple Pay enabled Iphone 6 or Apple Watch on the screen.

This new screens open up a completely new way for “Impulse Buying” where users are attracted by the screens dynamic display where “Flash product promotions” are displayed which can then be immediately purchased at discounted prices. Paying via screens will open up many new possibilities to simplify purchases in many areas such as Fast Food stores, Theater Ticketing, Transport Ticketing, Shopping Malls…





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