Our connected screens as a value proposition.

Think&Go has revolutionized digital signage by making screen interact with the connected objects that consumers already have in the pockets and so creating new customer journeys for all shoppers. Each point on the screen can interacts with contactless cards, smartphones or smartwatches to create a personalized experience for consumers in less than a second.
Think&Go Connected Screens can be used for any application where you want people to take away information from digital signage:

  • Drive-to-Store: shoppers pick up coupons from the screen using their contactless card or phone and redeem them in the physical store.
  • M-commerce: Great for having your outlet open 24/24 7/7, the Connected Screen acts as advertising and an M-Commerce portal at the same time.
  • Travel: Especially for airports, travelers can pick up information on their flights, indicate their presence to the airline and pick up a coupon for some last minutes purchases, all with one simple gesture.
  • Gaming: Personalized gaming experience on a public screen.
  • Tourism: Information, promotions, and more
  • Ticketing:
  • .. and many more.

The Connected Screen is so revolutionary that in general people don’t completely understand until they see it in action. You will find videos showing the Connected Screen used with cards, phones andwatches.

You can watch more on our Video Channel !

There are many videos to choose from so take you time and look around.



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