Cabasse selects NFC-Connect to deliver better services to end users

Cabasse the leading manufacturer of best-in-breed audio speakers is using T&G’s NFC-Connect solution to improve to user experience and product support for their new STREAM 1 product. NFC-Connect provides three main functions: > Easy pairing ad connection to Cabasse speaker > Directly manage the NFC-BT connexion > Set a direct marketing channel to Cabasse users …and of course with the great sound of Cabasse speakers.

GIPHAR tests T&G NFC-Shopping for enhancing eHealth services for customers through in-store m-commerce

GIPHAR (Groupement Indépendant de Pharmaciens indépendants) a French association for independent pharmacies have chosen T&G’s NFC-shopping to create an in-store m-commerce experience for their customers. The initiate is supported by the PACA region and developed in collaboration with the Nice University Hospital and will launch with a first pharmacy in June 2014. Consumers benefit from immediate and tailored information via a personal and private profile Pharmacies and laboratories benefit from a new and direct channel to deliver messages and understand consumer demands.

World’s First Phone-to-Screen Game

We first introduced the Connected Screen at the beginning of the year as a convergence of mobile and screens showing videos. That approach has received critical acclaim with awards at Mobile World Congress and WIMA. Now, just by approaching your NFC phone to the screen you can jump out of a video and into a full screen application like a game. Here’s video of the world’s first phone-to-screen game with two-way communication.

Think&Go NFC win three awards at WIMA 2013

Following recognition in the world of mobile phones with the NFC Challenge award at the Mobile World Conference, Think&Go were awarded three awards by our peers at WIMA, the annual gathering of NFC experts held in Monaco. We won in the Retail and Marketing categories for NFC-Shopping and the Dynamic NFC screen, and to crown it all were awarded the global delegates vote for the best contribution to evolution of the NFC market.

Think&Go wins NFC Challenge at MWC 2013

Think&Go NFC has picked up first prize in the GSMA’s NFC Challenge at Mobile World Congress 2013 for its Connected Screen, a display technology that enables NFC phone users to interact with video promotions, collect coupons, download content, navigate through advertising media and add products to a mobile shopping basket. The GSMA judges described it as a real wow effect for NFC. The competition was open to any exhibitor at the event who had an NFC product or service on show.  

Casino to open world’s first NFC-enabled supermarket with Think&Go

Shoppers at the French supermarket chain’s Les Belles Feuilles branch in Paris will be able to use shelf-edge labels equipped with NFC tags to obtain details of each of 25,000 products on offer, scan items into their basket and then checkout by simply tapping their NFC phone to a reader attached to the retailer’s cash register. Casino Group, one of France’s largest supermarket chains, has announced plans to open the world’s first NFC-enabled supermarket. From October, shoppers at the Les Belles Feuilles branch in Paris’s upmarket 16th district will be able to use an NFC phone and the supermarket’s app to: Scan shelf-edge labels containing NFC tags to get details about any of the items on offer, including lists of ingredients, information on the supplier, videos, pricing and more. Scan items placed into their basket into a virtual shopping cart […]