The rise of Screen Commerce

Think&Go and Ingenico partnered to build the world first Multi-Payment Connected Screen.

It means a breakthrough technology and next generation of screens.

  • What happens ?

Pictures become active as multiple contactless points of Sales. It uses Payment Cards or Phones – including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, triggering Impulse Buying in the Street, in Malls, Shop Windows, Stores …

  • What for ?

This new technology opens a new Sales and Distribution Channel, pushing stores and e-commerce into the street, in Train Stations, Airports … Multi-Payment Connected Screens will trigger Impulse Buying and Impulse Marketing in crowded locations, introducing Street E-Commerce.

  • Today

BNP PARIBAS in Paris, a leading French bank, is first to implement. They have now a Donation Screen, where we just need to tap a payment card on screen to donate 5€ for an association. There is also an other Donation Screen at Gare Saint Lazare – Paris, focused on fight against cancer. Have a look on this video, HERE.